June 17, 2012

Keep Moving On..

That's the Dream.
That's the Aim.
That's the Goal.
That's the Motivation.

Shall not stop because of failure, ONLY STOP because of SUCCESS! 

With Love,

December 24, 2011

END of 2011

3 months! A great challenge to myself! Grateful that meeting this bunch of people who feel like my friends and family within 3 months, amazed that we dont have the gap of colleague. Year end is around the corner, time to flash back and mirror the past, learn from what had happened, and move forward to more challenges!

Achievement of the year:-
1. Accomplish degree studies
Finally, 4 years! Honestly, I'm not brilliant person. Uni lifestyle was a good try but for the moment, definitely not considering to further studies. Didnt passed with flying colour but just take it and move it on.

2. Made the family proud to have a degree holder in the house
It's great to be proud of, especially being a proud girl of daddy and mummy.

3. Tried out interviews for the dream job
Although didnt made it through, yet it's a great experience and also go after something that I wanted so badly since young! No regret!

4. Get a job in Singapore within 2 months
Didnt get the dream job, do felt upset but life still have to move on, job hunting was what I focus for the whole month. It's great to received mails and calls, asking you to go for interview. It feels good in a way, somehow felt being recognize and one step closer to a job.

5. Go to a foreign country and work
Things till moved on smooth, get a job offer that met my requirements. Finally, life starts in Singapore~

6. Maintaining a 7 years relationship, looking forward for the 8th
Appreciate this guy who always be there for me, grateful to have him around to take care of me in a foreign country as well. The 8th is approaching =)

7. Achieved the dream to travel out of the country at least once a year (10-Taiwan, 11-Bali, 12-QingDao)
One of my resolution achieved! Felt satisfy with the year!

Gratefulness of the year:-
1. Having the importance people in my life to attend my convo
The square hat ceremony was attended by the family and also the bf! Got the gang there as well. Hoping everyone is doing good with their life out there.

2. Grateful to have the boyfriend, being supportive and encouraging when I'm down.
Tan Kian Hui, this name is always appreciated. We are just at the starting stage of the road, do walk along with me!

3. Grateful that the parents are supportive of my decision to work in Singapore.
Thanks for giving me the freedom to do what I wish to. And also bearing the fact of me always not at home, missing in family outings.

4. Grateful to the parents for allowing me to go for the dream job interview.
Although that's not a job that you guys like but I do appreciated to have your approval to go for a try!

5. Grateful about the Bali trip with the gang.
Thinking back about the planning, preparation, discussion that we went through! That's fun! LeeSueYen & GohHongRui, SamanthaSau & ZhenWei, ElaineTan&Jeckshen, last but not least, TanKianHui, Thanks for the trip! I'm treasuring more vacation with you guys!

6. Grateful to be part of Azea.
My first full time job! Being a project executive in property investment, where I'm totally a newbie! Thanks YangPo for giving me a chance! Thanks the team to guiding me all time.

7. Grateful to find job smoothly
Job hunting was smoother than I thought. Azea!

8. Grateful to the new owner
Grateful to the new owner who is super nice aunty. =)

9. Grateful to all cousin who are working in Singapore
Grateful to have lots of cousin working in Singapore. Feel good to have relatives around. Although we are all super busy with work, yet we do squeeze time for catch up!

10. Grateful that all my family members being healthy
To me, healthy is always more important compared to wealthy. Hoping everyone stay healthy for next year too!

Resolution for 2012:- (Achieve it, Angeline! )
1. Travel at least once a year (holiday purposes)
2. Stay healthy with more sport activities
3. Think, Do like a leader
4. Learn a new language
5. Saving getting bigger
6. Start up 1st investment
7. Be more independent

Looking forward for a good year!

Long post,

December 22, 2011

The Winter Solstice

Life is not ez here.
Being alone, without family around.
Missing the sister, mom and dad too!
Especially when there is festival, the more homesick I am.

Also missing the food, the life, the family outing, the every thing!

An emo night in da office,

September 27, 2011

Working life

Here it starts.. 
Date: starting of 19 Sept 2011, Singapore..
Company: Azea Personal Coaching (Seminar Training Company)
Title: Project Executive

For the moment, I'm still not heavy loaded with my job..
But I can foresee that I will be super busy in a couple of weeks. 

Some pictures of the office attire..
Found a small room but i like the mirror the most =) 
*thanks to the previous tenant*

Hope everything goes on smooth!
Energy energy! Full force ! Go Angeline!

with love,

August 3, 2011

I've been eating a lot recently..craving for food all the while.. and gets hungry within an hour or two.. having super good appetite which I don't have any idea why.. great digestive system makes me worried about my weight! sigh~

I'm still jobless.. 1 more interview of my dream job this week, hopefully dream comes true!

with love,

July 13, 2011


So free staying at home.. I felt so boring and lifeless sometimes..
Lots of friends already found a job and started their working life.. But not me..
Failed the 1st interview.. Hope the next interview will go on smooth and get the job!
No income=No life!!
This is very bad.. Sitting at home, doing nothing.. $$ keep flowing out and none coming in.. =(

Pray hard for the next interview!!

with love,

April 28, 2011

All the best!

Books and notes are messing around the table..
First paper is in 21 hours later!
Last exam for our degree!
All the best, PR!

with love,

April 21, 2011

sista love=)

Finally the sista is free to accompany me!
4 hours of Sing k session.. 2 of us! =) nice~
and very cheap!

After months, then only we got time to hang out together =)
like going out with the sister..
eat, shop, girl talk, laugh!
Sweet to have you as my sister!

: Camwhore is always the girls' fav =)

with love,

April 8, 2011

Final presentation


Here, the end of presenting as a student.
The last time and 2 presentations in a day!
Special thanks to all my groupmates, Samantha S, Sueyen L, Hongrui G, Elaine T & Eric L!

Soon, will be the last assignment, last finals and FYP =)

with love,

March 5, 2011


Happy 22nd B'day, Chen Jian Hui!
We get to celebrate your birthday on time this year!
Kinda happy and am waiting for the dinner with you and friends =)

I want more pictures with you to change my blog heading =)

with love,

March 3, 2011

Days in S'pore with food!

I went over to S'pore again two weeks ago..
Mainly is to meet up baobei and celebrate Valentine's day with him..
Although he was very busy with his studies but he still brought me out for food!
Had two nice meals with him in two days =)

: The 1st nice meal is Hokkaido Jap buffet at Turf City.
: Buffet style but order from menu, it's kinda new for me.
: All I can say is, foods are really delicious!

: Sushi, sushi and sushi!

: Sashimi, Tempura, some grill stuff =)
: We ordered sashimi and tempura for few rounds!
: Taste so good!

: The second meal is Mexican food at Holland village.
: First attempt for both of us =)
: Foods are little spicy, kinda nice!

: Mexican food =)
: Yum~~
: I cant recall those name..

: Dessert and drinks..

: Baobei and I <3

: Us..

Thank baobei for sparing time for our 7th Valentine's Day!
It's 7th.. I didnt thought of it until I just count it..
More will be coming up, right?
Thanks for being with me for these years..
Love you, baobei <3

with love,

February 19, 2011

Thanks for everything! =)
I Love You
Just a simple sentence yet it's so meaningful!

with love,

February 18, 2011


Double attack!
Dislike the feeling at all..
It's so heart aching..

Please don't think too much, Angeline!
I Hate you, Angeline Teh...


February 14, 2011

Sweet love day!

It's Feb 14! <3
It's sweet to have you right besides of me now..
An early celebration dinner with you just simply simple and nice!
I love you, chen jian hui!

with love,

December 22, 2010

Ambient stunt- Covert Affairs

It's sem break and I'm shortage of money!
So part time job is needed so badly..
Thanks for samsau introducing this job to me..
It's fun and high pay! And get to meet some fun peeps..
The job was at Sunway Lagoon.. Ya! outdoor job..

: Me with Grace, Caroline, Sunway Lagoon mascot and Zhiwei.

: The job is to promote a drama, Covert Affairs that will be show at Diva Channel, Astro Live, next year.. A spy drama!

10 girls dressed up like a spy and show up every half an hour in Sunway Lagoon..
With bright and striking red hat, red bag, red heel, white trench coat and sunglasses..
The purpose is to grab people's attention.. and I think we did grab a lot of attention..

: This is the outfits of the day for the girls.

: M.E. fully dressed up..

: The few stunts.

: Nice and fun people I met..

: The girls =)

: Preparing and still managed to snap some pictures.

: Outdoor =)

: M.E. <3

: Acting cool =P

More part time needed!!
with love,

December 17, 2010

short one. =)

Yeah~ A full stop for another semester..
One more to go then will be heading into another field..
No longer study but working..
It's time to think and plan for the future..
However, shall enjoy this holidays before heading back to the dead town..

I'm free for a month!! *find me, peeps*

I need some part time job.
I need to earn some money.
I need to catch-up with some buddy.
I need to do FYP.
I need a rest too!

Shall go to sleep for tomorrow job at Sunway Lagoon =)

with love,

November 22, 2010

否则不但成绩无法如愿以偿, 自己的情绪也受影响



with love,

November 17, 2010

Graduation Photo Session..

The previous post was 5 weeks ago! *I'm so lazy*=P
Hmm.. Since I'm lazy so this will be a picture post!
Some photo of me and friends during the graduation photo taking session..

Let's start with my girls!

: My girls.. <3

: Another take!

: Dinleen & I

:Sitho & I. I'm with blazer =)

: Terry & I

: Hong rui & I

: Lemon & I.. I got big eyes! =P

: Lingyee & I

: Xinyi & I

: Siowlee, Joey & I

: Internship partner, danny.

: Garyee & I

We had 2 themes for the graduation photo. One for sure with full formal. Our class choose to wear pyjamas with our toys for the other theme! Here is some pictures =)

: With my lovely toy =)

: Sueyen & I

: Elaine & I

: The girls..

: The gang =)

: With SS and Shaoming..

: Chet & I

: Chiangyi & I

That's all for the moment.. Enjoy taking photo with all of you! =)
Graduation will be next year August but most of us took graduation photo edi.. isn't it early?!
At the same time, FYP is pressuring! But I ignored it! enjoy my lazy days =)

with love,

October 11, 2010




没得到你们支持, 反而极力反对


中学时, 有机会参加排球州队训练




你们的用心良苦, 我一一都知道

















with love,


October 9, 2010





将结束学生生涯, 结束了青春,也结束了当学生的放任,自由..


而我,对自己的未来可以用两个字来形容- 模糊





with love,