November 17, 2010

Graduation Photo Session..

The previous post was 5 weeks ago! *I'm so lazy*=P
Hmm.. Since I'm lazy so this will be a picture post!
Some photo of me and friends during the graduation photo taking session..

Let's start with my girls!

: My girls.. <3

: Another take!

: Dinleen & I

:Sitho & I. I'm with blazer =)

: Terry & I

: Hong rui & I

: Lemon & I.. I got big eyes! =P

: Lingyee & I

: Xinyi & I

: Siowlee, Joey & I

: Internship partner, danny.

: Garyee & I

We had 2 themes for the graduation photo. One for sure with full formal. Our class choose to wear pyjamas with our toys for the other theme! Here is some pictures =)

: With my lovely toy =)

: Sueyen & I

: Elaine & I

: The girls..

: The gang =)

: With SS and Shaoming..

: Chet & I

: Chiangyi & I

That's all for the moment.. Enjoy taking photo with all of you! =)
Graduation will be next year August but most of us took graduation photo edi.. isn't it early?!
At the same time, FYP is pressuring! But I ignored it! enjoy my lazy days =)

with love,

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