December 22, 2010

Ambient stunt- Covert Affairs

It's sem break and I'm shortage of money!
So part time job is needed so badly..
Thanks for samsau introducing this job to me..
It's fun and high pay! And get to meet some fun peeps..
The job was at Sunway Lagoon.. Ya! outdoor job..

: Me with Grace, Caroline, Sunway Lagoon mascot and Zhiwei.

: The job is to promote a drama, Covert Affairs that will be show at Diva Channel, Astro Live, next year.. A spy drama!

10 girls dressed up like a spy and show up every half an hour in Sunway Lagoon..
With bright and striking red hat, red bag, red heel, white trench coat and sunglasses..
The purpose is to grab people's attention.. and I think we did grab a lot of attention..

: This is the outfits of the day for the girls.

: M.E. fully dressed up..

: The few stunts.

: Nice and fun people I met..

: The girls =)

: Preparing and still managed to snap some pictures.

: Outdoor =)

: M.E. <3

: Acting cool =P

More part time needed!!
with love,

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