July 13, 2011


So free staying at home.. I felt so boring and lifeless sometimes..
Lots of friends already found a job and started their working life.. But not me..
Failed the 1st interview.. Hope the next interview will go on smooth and get the job!
No income=No life!!
This is very bad.. Sitting at home, doing nothing.. $$ keep flowing out and none coming in.. =(

Pray hard for the next interview!!

with love,


Katkat said...

Enjoy the freedom u hv nw Lorr lgz... :)
When real work kicks in it really does... When ur really too bored can du find ur lpz fer lunch;) I'm in kl remember^^ hehe:p

lyn said...

too free till too boring and also lazy..lazy till even move my ass aso lazy... =D hmmm.. i already enjoyed my holidays =)